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Your website is a window into your online presence. Whether you use it to attract customers, to showcase your work or to grow your business, you have to make sure of one thing: that it looks absolutely great.

But if you’re building your website from scratch, it can be an overwhelming task: how big should the fonts be? How tall is a standard header? Do I use a border around my images or not?

Luckily, most website builders offer premade templates. And Wix has some of the best-looking ones out there. In fact, it offers more than 800 professionally-designed templates – more than any other website builder.

The great news is that they also look fantastic on live websites – you can see for yourself in our list of some of the best real Wix website examples.

But is it really the best solution for you? We break it down to help you find out.

The Best Templates for Wix (by popular categories)

For your convenience, we’ve scanned the Wix theme universe to find the best designs around.

And just a reminder: all of these themes are absolutely free for you to use! Your website will show a Wix ad at the top though if you are not upgrading to one of their premium subscriptions.

Once you’ve found a theme you like you can start customizing it right away with only a few clicks.

So here you go, our picks for the best templates Wix has to offer:

Online Stores

Ecommerce is an area that Wix is increasingly investing a lot of effort into (see our review of Wix’s online store builder here). For all online merchants, Wix has over 120 modern-looking ecommerce templates to use for your virtual store.

When browsing the ecommerce templates, you can even filter these down to the following subcategories to help make your search easier:

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home & Decor
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Food & Drinks
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Electronics
  • Kids & Babies
  • Books & Publishers
  • Pets & Animals
  • CBD (Cannabidiol)

Special features: shopping cart, live chat, customer accounts, product filters, Wix Payments (Wix’s own payment processing gateway), subscriptions, integrations with external marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc)

wix templates - stationery store

Name: Stationery Store

View Template Demo


wix templates - writer

Name: Writer

View Template Demo

tshirt ecommerce template

Name: T-Shirt Market

View Template Demo

totebag ecommerce template

Name: Tote Bag Store

View Template Demo

>View ALL Wix Ecommerce Templates (more than 120 available)


Wix’s powerful blogging feature lets you create blogs easily, thanks to its flexible editor. To help you sort through Wix’s 70 blog templates, you can choose from the following subcategories:

  • Personal Blog
  • Food & Travel
  • News & Business
  • Arts
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Sports & Wellness
  • Podcast

Here are some of our favorite templates in the Blog category.

Special features: mailing list signup form for newsletters, embed media & HTML, post scheduling, multiple contributors, advanced SEO Tools like Google Amp and Schema

wix template - personal blog

Name: Personal Blog

View Template Demo

travel blog template

Name: Traveler Blog

View Template Demo

fashion blog template

Name: Fashion & Style Blog

View Template Demo

food blog template

Name: Food Blog

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Blogging Templates (more than 70 available)


Photographers are one of Wix’s biggest user groups since their themes give you so much flexibility. Wix’s in-built portfolio and gallery features make it ideal for photographers wanting to showcase their work online.

Special features: Wix Bookings, client logins, Wix Photo Albums app, and integrations with printing services in Wix App Market.

wix templates - photographer

Name: Photographer

View Template Demo

wix templates - wedding photographer

Name: Wedding Photographer

View Template Demo

wix templates - wildlife photographer

Name: Wildlife Photographer

View Template Demo

studio photography template

Name: Photo Studio

View Template Demo

child photography template

Name: Family Photographer

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Photography Templates (more than 30 available)

Portfolio & Design

Creating a small portfolio website can be done in no time with Wix. With handy features such as galleries, and apps that let you monetize your artwork, it’s no wonder that so many creatives choose Wix for building their portfolio. In fact, there are close to 50 portfolio templates to choose from, spanning a wide range of design categories – art, illustration, photography, interior design, fashion and more.

Special Features: File Downloads (e.g. for CVs or resumes), One-Pager Layout, Video Player, Wix Art Store app, integrations with on-demand printing services

wix templates - commercial photographer

Name: Commercial Photographer

View Template Demo

wix templates - interior designer

Name: Interior Designer

View Template Demo

graphic portfolio template

Name: Graphic Design Portfolio

View Template Demo

video portfolio template

Name: Videographer

View Template Demo

ux designer template

Name: UX/UI Designer Resume

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Portfolio Templates (more than 40 available)


There is no shortage of business fields where Wix can be used, be it for small local business, consulting or law firms or even life coaches. Wix even has its own suite of small business tools, Wix Ascend, which includes email marketing, a CRM, live chat, and other sales, marketing and customer service tools.

Special features: Wix Bookings, Live Chat, email marketing, automations, online forms, CRM, invoices, SEO tools

wix templates - enterprise solutions company

Name: Enterprise Solutions Company

View Template Demo

wix templates - tech company

Name: Tech Company

View Template Demo

recruiting company template

Name: Creative Staffing Agency

View Template Demo

financial consultant template

Name: Finance Consulting

View Template Demo

wix coaching template

Name: Success Coach

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Business Templates (more than 200 available)

Restaurants and Food

Wix has become a popular choice for restaurants as they offer specific modules catered to this market. The Wix Restaurant app includes dedicated menu templates, booking features and other interesting modules. There’s also Dine by Wix, which lets customers place orders for delivery.

Special features: Online ordering, Table reservations via website, email marketing

wix templates - restaurant

Name: Restaurant

View Template Demo

wix templates - vegan restaurant

Name: Vegan Restaurant

View Template Demo

bar wix template

Name: Urban Bar

View Template Demo

restaurant wix template

Name: Vegetarian Restaurant

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Restaurant & Food Templates (more than 60)

Hotels and Travel

Whether you run your own hotel or want to create a dedicated website for your Airbnb or holiday home, Wix has a solution. In addition to offering close to 30 hotel and travel-themed templates, it also has its own booking solution, Wix Hotels.

Special feature: Wix’s Hotel Booking engine (you can also read up on it in our Wix Hotels guide)

appartment wix template

Name: Tropical Villa Rental

View Template Demo

hotel wix template

Name: Modern Hotel

View Template Demo

> View ALL Travel & Tourism Templates (more than 20 available)


Wix has long been popular with creative industries, thanks to its eye-catching templates, and musicians are no exception. Thanks to Wix Music, artists can sell their songs online and commission free.

Special features: Wix Music, Wix Bookings, ShoutOut email marketing, Wix Events, selling tickets, integrations with streaming services, ShoutOut email marketing

wix templates - musician

Name: Musician

View Template Demo

wix templates - new album landing page

Name: New Album Landing Page

View Template Demo

musician wix template

Name: Musician Teaser Site

View Template Demo

dj wix template

Name: Club Music DJ

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Music Templates (more than 60 available)

Landing Page

These single-page landing page themes are made for companies and products that launch soon and want to start collecting email addresses to build a list of potential customers. So if you want to publish a quick announcement site with a lead capture form, this is for you!

Special feature: email subscription form

wix templates - coming soon

Name: Coming Soon Landing Page

View Template Demo

landingpage wix template

Name: Marketing Launch Page

View Template Demo

landingpage store wix template

Name: Online Store Coming Soon

View Template Demo

> View ALL Landing Page Templates (more than 40)


Planning a wedding? Using a website it’s easy to get organized and distribute information to your family and friends easily. Also a great way to share photos after the ceremony is done! Also check out our guide on how to make a wedding website.

Special features: RSVP, Wix Events, photo galleries

wix templates - wedding invitation

Name: Wedding Invitation

View Template Demo

wedding website template

Name: Modern Wedding Invite Website

View Template Demo

> View ALL Wix Wedding Templates (more than 25)

Real Estate

Wix’s modern and professional-looking real estate templates also cover architecture, construction and interior design, in addition to real estate (which includes the ability to add listings).

Special features: Wix Bookings (to arrange viewings), lead capture forms

realestate company wix template

Name: Real Estate Company Website

View Template Demo

> View ALL Real Estate Templates (20 themes available)


Present your community group, place of worship, church or choir online with these templates.

Special features: newsletter subscriptions, donation buttons

community church template

Name: Church

View Template Demo

View ALL Wix Religion Website Templates (7 available)

The Pros

The first thing you’ll notice about Wix’s templates is that they look fantastic. They offer clean and modern designs, and best of all, there is a lot of choice available. At the time of writing, there are more than 800 of them available.

The amount of flexibility offered is also excellent. Wix uses what they call a “pixel perfect” editor, which lets you have complete control of the position of different elements on the page.


As you can see below, the templates are also neatly organized in industry-specific sections. This makes it very easy to find a template that perfectly fits your needs.

Wix template categories

They even have more refined subcategories for your profession. So for example, photographers can choose between landscape or wedding photography.

Wix templates for photographers

Likewise, the Portfolio & CV section has got something for everyone, from fashion designers to scientists.
Wix portfolio templates
Wix’s templates are also excellent for an Online Store, whether you’re selling skateboards or men’s razors (no kidding, they really have templates for those!). And if that’s what you need, check out our complete Wix online store review.

Wix ecommerce templates

Likewise, the Restaurant & Food section caters to all tastes (pun intended). They even have a special Wix Restaurant app that lets you create an online menu, take bookings and orders. You can add these in seconds from the Wix App Store.

Wix restaurants templates samples

Wix restaurants app & templates

The Accommodation section lets you choose between 30 different designs. You can also use the excellent Wix Hotels app to take reservations online.

Wix Hotels template samples

Wix Reservation Calendar from Wix Hotels

The Fashion & Beauty category lets you choose between Hair & Beauty themes or Fashion & Accessories. If your business offers appointments – like a hairdresser for example – you can make full use of Wix Bookings. It will allow you to accept requests and display your availability in a calendar. There’s also an app that allows you to add a Members Area if you’d like to display member-only content, and allow customers to manage their bookings online.

Wix Yoga class booking system

Finally, if you want a blank canvas to start with, they also have that covered. Their Blank Templates let you pick from a handful of basic layouts so that you can focus purely on the design.

Wix blank templates screenshot

So it all sounds pretty good, right? Well, there are still a few cons.

The Cons

So, we mentioned the excellent amount of flexibility with these templates as a pro. But you should also be aware that too much freedom might not be ideal for everyone. Some people prefer a more structured approach. For example, website builders like Weebly, Jimdo or Squarespace let you move elements, but they snap to a grid so you’re less likely to mess up your website design.

This complete flexibility also comes at a price, unfortunately. If you decide you’d like to use a completely different template, you will have to start your website from scratch…

Another con is that the templates are not fully responsive. While Wix lets you tweak the mobile view, you have to do so manually. This can be time-consuming but has an advantage: you can use it to display mobile-specific information. However, they do not have a tablet viewer option.

Having said all that, Wix came up with a cool tool called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). It’s supposed to build a website for you automatically so you don’t have to do any of the legwork. Answer a few questions, fill in your social media links, and Wix ADI does the rest. We’ve tried it and the results are interesting…

On the one hand, the editor is very straightforward (you can only add or remove sections) and you can choose your industry designs. But ADI sometimes makes strange decisions. You might end up with weird color combinations or font styles, but you can always change them if you aren’t happy with the result.

Comparison Table

Wix Weebly Squarespace
Number of templates  ~800  ~70  ~140
Number of categories  15 + 53 subcategories  6 20
Templates examples  Check Wix templates  Check Weebly templates Check Squarespace templates (or read more in our template review here)
Example theme: Yoga Studio



Wix Templates: Final thoughts

So in conclusion, we’ll have to say we really like Wix’s templates. The sheer amount of choice and flexibility makes it a powerful solution to get a great-looking website in minutes.

However, remember that more flexibility isn’t always better. If you don’t trust your eye for design, you might prefer a more structured approach like the one offered by Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, or even the Wix ADI.

And if you’re still unsure about Wix themes, you can get more details in our comparative review of different website builders. You can also try Wix for free to see if it’s the right solution for you!

> Try Wix for free and have a look at its templates for yourself



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