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Jimdo's support is nice. It is not instant - usually 24 to 36 hours but it has been on target to my questions.

It was the first time I ever tried to create a website. It made everything easy.

They have a very good email subscription service.

Jun 10, 2017

Jimdo Pro - great for those without programming skills


5 / 5

It took a few hours to discover all the possibilities, and it was a lot of fun to dive into it. I am very satisfied with Jimdo and its services, since they are reasonably priced.


  • Price (77€ for two years)
  • Absolutely no programming knowledge necessary. If you have ever ordered an online photo book, you can also build a website!
  • Support: when there were questions, they were answered by specialists that even I understood.



  • I had to browse through a number of templates to find one that suited my needs regarding the menu-setup. Would be nice if I got to tell them what I need and then be shown some suggestions.


  • see text


  • see text
Feb 14, 2017

First website with JIMDO

Michael Hundrieser

3 / 5

We did our our first company-websites (5) with JIMDO.
Here our first impression:

1. Registration:
Easy but a little non-linear: you choose the name of your website in the last step of the registration process… doing that in the very beginning would be more logical.

2. Designs
Well to be honest: there are only a few usable. You can not mix them, i.e. individualize them more than colors and background-images/banners. You have to decide what kind of navigation you want, where you want it positioned, if you want a background image or banner, left/right/bottom info etc. You will find only a very few designs fitting your needs.
A. Kerscher sells some adoptions we really used, and he really is a great help.
But still: more flexibility would be a great deal,

3. Website interface
It´s a little with playing: it´s easy to understand and easy to handle.
Sometimes you don´t find what you are looking for- but by far easier than WIX or any other competitor.
We could actually do everything we wanted, including interactive media (hosted at round.me) and when changes pdf to jpg we also could display them by a single click of the user..
Unfortunately we encountered some extreme quirky behavior of the interface when trying to change objects (i.e. rows, objects itself etc.). When trying to click on the object properties, the system began to switch between the object above and the desired object- it was not possible to get the properties of the desired object. The service didn’t have a solution: it has to do with the resolution, the browser etc. they said. But that was definitely not the case- we tried different resolution, different machines, different browsers_ still very awkward behavior.
The IE did the job best- Firefox was also not so bad… we helped ourselves with zooming etc.- still not resolved 100%.
Also when you try to push an object over the page, the pop-up of the internal JIMDO clipboard covers to much space and parts of the screen become unreachable for your mouse-pointer.
There is also NO backup of your site !!! i.e. when you destroy s.th. by accident: it´s gone forever.
Also NO role administration: everyone accessing the user-interface is granted all rights of the system, no author possible.
As for all website builders (we tested) you can not publish your website locally for using them in an offline-situation.
That all sound bad: but one can handle it and the ease of use covers it until now.

4. Support
The support responses – not very fast (2-3 days), and not very satisfactory.

5. Result
Compared to other website-builders JIMDO is the easiest to handle. If they get the role administration done (it´s on their list), more usable & flexible designs and the user-interface more stable it would be the greatest tool then.
We tried WIX – this was too confusing, too intransparent user-interface. But much better basic designs.


  • pricing
  • usage


  • incompatibility with lots of browsers (Opera, Chrome...)
  • by far too few and inflexible designs
  • No role- assignment
Oct 22, 2016

Great value for money


5 / 5

My website is pretty basic, which is intentional. However, I was interested in using a specific background I designed myself. I tried another website builder and, although its interface was a bit easier, the cost was much higher, so I found this to be the best value for money for my needs. Support has been great, lots of articles on how to do things, and very easy updates. Very happy with the result.


  • Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Support


  • Nothing negative to say
Aug 8, 2016

Less is More and Faster.


5 / 5

Thank you for your work I compared and tried to build a homepage and a little bit more content using Wix and Jimdo. I already had an old website with Weebly, good but not for me this time. My 1st website was on Sitionline. What I truly liked about Wix was a lot of possibilities to make changes. But after a few days I was still building the home page, and pages with too much content are harder to charge. They have a very good email subscription service with automatic response. It’s difficult to build a multilingual website.

About Jimdo: It’s true that there are less choices, but I need just one, the right one. The overuse of images and special effects is not positive anymore and my message has to be clear and functional to the visitors. With few choices it also guarantees a higher speed in building the website. To me it has the best and easiest settings for multilingual. It’s fast, easy, nice, and building the website I had the clear vision of the final outcomes.

The situation is that my ITA/ENG website is online in a few weeks and it’s a work in progress also. We also publish very good articles to help people in the building process. The email support is very good and fast with my PRO contract. The things that I think they should integrate are: 1 – chat support; 2 – an email subscription service and form. Thanking you so much for your work, I’ll appreciate your feedback on my new website. All the best! Angie 🙂


  • easy to build a bilingual website. Responsive. Easy and fast managing. Publishing your new website goes quickly.
  • easy settings of privacy policy and the other legal obbligations
  • easy template change. The website loads quickly
  • easy and good blog settings. Easy SEO
  • very good automatic presentation of the blog articles


  • no chat support
  • little choices to manage title and logo
  • no website subsrciption service for visitors
Jul 30, 2015

Beginners friendly


5 / 5

It was the first time I ever tried to create a website. Thanks to your support it made everything easy. First of all, I was not afraid to try something new. Secondly, because the language you did use was friendly.


  • Easy to understand and follow


  • Nothing negative to say
Apr 29, 2015

Jimdo fits the ticket

Sandra Dickenson

4 / 5

I did a test drive of the website builders that WebsiteToolTester presented for our non-profit organization. We needed a reasonable cost and certain features, specifically password-protected areas, a contact form with spam safeguards and responsive templates.

We also needed a site that allowed our members to download larger pdf files (newsletter), view spreadsheets and a website that one of our volunteers with very basic computer skills would be able to maintain. At this time we do not need the store feature, but with an eye to the future, we plan to use it for fundraiser and event ticket purchases so that feature is a plus.

Jimdo’s support is nice. It is not instant- usually 24 to 36 hours but it has been on target to my questions. Being able to make timely website updates via an Apple Store app was a pleasant surprise: some limitations (can’t bold or change text color) but for the most part it does the job.

I ran into some problems understanding how to implement the blog feature. I tried a couple of times using the help menu and emailing support but have not quite got it figured out. But our members are older and not interested much in blogging so it has not been that important. Still a video tutorial on setting up and using the blog would be nice and if I do find some time to figure it out, I will get that up and running.

We are most happy with our decision to go with Jimdo – it has been very easy to keep the information current for the public and still let our members access secure areas for file downloads.

I am giving it 4 stars because it would be nice to be able to organize horizontally placed elements without resorting to columns as the app can’t edit the column elements – it requires a computer to do that.

Comment from Robert, WebsiteToolTester:

Thank you for this detailed review! Did you try to set up the blog on your computer? I agree that it could be easier but just try to follow these instructions and I am sure you will succeed!


  • Good value
  • Easy to use
  • Features
  • Support


  • Blog is difficult to implement, lacks blog video tutorial

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