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Looking to find some examples of the best Squarespace websites? You’ve come to the right place.

Given Squarespace’s reputation as being the website builder for creatives, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Squarespace websites were exclusively made up of portfolios and design sites.

But the truth is, Squarespace’s vast feature range supports so many different kinds of websites. Features like integrated ecommerce, appointment scheduling, restaurant bookings and members areas also make Squarespace a popular choice for online stores, restaurants, bloggers, small businesses, and more. It’s what makes Squarespace one of the best website builders out there.

With Squarespace’s stylish templates and strong design focus, Squarespace is a solid choice if you’re looking to create a fully-featured website that stands out.

Need some inspiration to get started? Here’s our list of some of the very best Squarespace website examples.

We’ve also included the estimated search traffic and Ahrefs domain rating for each, to give you a sense of each website’s size.

Squarespace Website Examples: Online Stores


squarespace web examples - ocelot chocolate

Who can say no to artisanal, organic chocolate wrapped up in some seriously eye-catching packaging? The owners of this Scottish chocolate brand have a background in art and illustration, and it shows – this site is nothing short of a visual delight. The bright, Bauhaus-style designs of their product immediately draw the visitor in, enticing them to explore the website in more detail.

Customers can purchase Ocelot’s chocolates directly through the online store, and even create an online account. There’s also a newsletter signup form, a gallery of collaborations, and a contact form for those interested in becoming a wholesale customer.

It’s definitely one of our favorite examples of a Squarespace website.

URL: ocelotchocolate.com

Estimated traffic: 1k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 56

Sebastian Cox

squarespace examples - sebastian cox furniture

Sebastian Cox is a London-based furniture design studio led by husband and wife duo, Sebastian and Brogan Cox. The website is actually divided into three separate parts. First, there’s the online store, where you can purchase their ecologically-produced wooden furniture directly. There’s also a gallery section that features their commissioned pieces, and one that details their collaborations using Squarespace’s portfolio pages feature.

All of it is stunning – the images are full of light, and the website’s colors are soft and warm, reflecting the brand’s focus on nature.

The end result is a highly professional-looking website that is intuitive to navigate, and refreshing to look at.

URL: sebastiancox.co.uk

Estimated traffic: 720 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 43


squarespace website examples - botany florist

We all know that sometimes, less is more, and that’s certainly the case for this plant store’s website. Using plenty of white space and softly-lit imagery, this website takes advantage of Squarespace’s easy-to-use online store to sell dried flowers, artwork, wreath-making kits, and even workshops.

Also featured on the site is a journal/blog, Instagram feed, contact form, and website search box.

URL: botanyshop.co.uk

Estimated traffic: 120 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 30

Narciso Rodriguez

squarespace websites - narciso rodriguez

While not exactly an online store, Narciso Rodriguez is a world-famous brand, and we wanted to highlight this Squarespace website example for a couple of reasons. One – to show that Squarespace is used not just by smaller businesses, and two – to show how a Squarespace site can also incorporate accessibility features to accommodate a wider audience.

On the bottom right corner of the site, you’ll notice an ‘Accessibility’ button, which opens up an accessibility menu when clicked. Here, users who have trouble navigating the site can change its visual settings to make the site easier to read. This feature is powered by the UserWay widget, which can be added to any Squarespace site.

Other features included on the site include an Instagram gallery feed and a store locator. As a well-known fashion brand, it’s no surprise that the site enjoys a high number of monthly visits, something that Squarespace seems to have no problem accommodating.

URL: narcisorodriguez.com

Estimated traffic: 51.8k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 51

Restaurants and Food

New York Taste

examples of squarespace sites - new york taste

Taste is New York Magazine’s annual culinary tasting event, bringing together dozens of New York’s most prominent chefs, mixologists and restaurants. Its Squarespace-hosted site features lineups, sponsors, and a gallery of highlights from previous events.

While the website itself consists of just four pages and a small amount of content, there’s no doubt that it’s stunning, relying on large, high-resolution imagery to tantalize the senses and bring the event to life.

In terms of Squarespace website examples, it truly is a standout.

URL: taste.nymag.com

Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 90


best squarespace examples - dudley's restaurant

This hip New York eatery specializes in serving eclectic, Australian-inspired dishes to its brunch and dinner-time diners. On the single-page site, you’ll find menus, a contact form, location map and a gallery of its colorful dishes.

There are also links to a DoorDash delivery and pickup page, and a gift voucher order form. It’s proof of how a Squarespace site can be used by restaurant owners to bring together all of its services in one place.

URL: dudleysnyc.com

Estimated traffic: 3.7k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 53

The Muddlers Club

squarespace websites - muddlers club restaurant

The Muddlers Club is a Michelin-star restaurant located in the trendy Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. Its website displays images of darkened interiors and skull-themed decor – a nod to the 18th century secret society that the restaurant was named after.

Features include an image gallery of its award-winning dishes, a page detailing its tasting menu, links to purchase vouchers, and an embedded reservation form (using an integration with ResDiary).

The website is simple, but enticing – and on-brand through and through.

URL: themuddlersclubbelfast.com

Estimated traffic: 2.3k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 34


ING Media

squarespace sites examples - ing media agency

ING is a PR and communications agency that serves companies in the property, architecture and design industries. Its website is as modern and impressive as you would expect from a PR agency, using sweeping, awe-inspiring imagery and video backgrounds to illustrate the grand scale of the work that ING delivers for its clients.

The site features its list of services, clients, employees, and company updates (using Squarespace’s blog function). There is also a section advertising job openings, and a contact page.

URL: ing-media.com

Estimated traffic: 416 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 34

The Foundation

examples of squarespace websites - foundation agency

This London-based consultancy has helped some of the world’s biggest brands (Visa, HSBC, and eBay, to name a few) improve the way they serve their customers.

The website uses a clean and simple design to put the focus on its content – case studies, blogs, testimonials, team galleries, and more. There’s even links to a self-assessment survey, as well as the opportunity to purchase the company’s very own book.

One advantage of using Squarespace as their content management system is that changes to content (which, in their case, seems to be regularly updated) can easily be made, without the need for any advanced technical knowledge.

URL: the-foundation.com

Estimated traffic: 150 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 26

Encore Digital Media

best squarespace websites - encore digital media

As a digital media agency, it stands to reason that Encore Digital Media would need a modern, professional-looking and engaging website that reflects their expertise in the digital space. It has successfully created this with its Squarespace-hosted website, which uses a futuristic design and color scheme and technology-centered imagery.

Available on the site is information about the sectors Encore serves, as well as the approach and tools they use. There are case studies (which make use of animated icons for that extra level of engagement), a blog, and a ‘Contact Us’ call-to-action button that stands out on every page, encouraging visitors to get in touch.

URL: encoredigitalmedia.net

Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 18

Design and Portfolios


squarespace sites - rose design

Rose is an award-winning creative industry that counts some of the world’s biggest brands as its clients (including the NFL, BBC, Deutsche Bank, and Unilever). Interestingly, it has also done a lot of work for some of the UK’s most prominent creative and cultural institutions. This artistic focus is reflected in its website, which expertly combines a sliding carousel of its visual work on the homepage, with a minimal amount of text throughout the rest of the site. The end result is a simple but impactful website which invites prospective clients to get in touch to find out more.

Also featured on the site is an online store which sells just a single product – Rose’s own 350-page monograph, featuring a curation of the projects it has worked on in its 20-year history.

URL: rosedesign.co.uk

Estimated traffic: 212 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 26

Suna Interior Design

squarespace examples - suna interior design

Using an ultra-minimalistic website design, interior design consultancy Suna lets the stunning images of its luxurious interiors do the talking. As soon as visitors hit the homepage, they are instantly welcomed with an almost full-screen carousel of high-resolution photos, as well as a long list of the illustrious awards Suna has won.

There’s also an extensive visual portfolio, a journal (using Squarespace’s blog feature), and a social media bar with links to their various social pages.

URL: sunainteriordesign.com

Estimated traffic: 301 visitors/month

Domain Rating: 28

Mike Perry

example of squarespace website - mike perry portfolio

The website for Emmy-award winning artist Mike Perry is an explosion of color and movement. While many might recognize his work from Comedy Central’s Broad City, Mike’s extensive portfolio also includes paintings, animation, sculptures, books and more – all of which are featured on the site.

Other Squarespace features used on the website include an online store to purchase his artwork, and a subscription form to receive updates.

Interestingly, Mike has opted to use a squarespace.com domain rather than his own – this can work well for portfolio and personal sites (as well as saving a bit of money in domain renewal costs).

It’s a fantastic example of how a little bit of customization can make a Squarespace site look unique, and can reflect your own personal brand of creativity.

URL: mike-perry-studio.squarespace.com

Estimated traffic: N/A

Domain Rating: 27

Artists and Celebrities


squarespace examples - lorde music

Squarespace has long been popular with celebrities wanting to launch personal websites, and Lorde is no exception. The Grammy-winning artist uses her Squarespace site to promote her latest album release, and share details of how fans can purchase tickets for her 2022 tour.

On the site is also an embedded Youtube video of her latest music video, plus a link to an external store to buy music and merchandise.

Fans can also sign up to receive email updates. With over 100,000 monthly visits, it’s clear that Lorde’s Squarespace-hosted site is serving her well!

URL: lorde.co.nz

Estimated traffic: 113k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 61

Alex Honnold

squarespace website - alex honnold personal site

Alex Honnold’s website is not for the faint of heart! Renowned for being the first person to free solo Yosemite’s El Capitan, the American rock climber’s website is filled with spectacular (if not slightly panic-inducing!) full-screen imagery of his most daring climbs. His passion for the sport comes through not only in these images, but also in the extensive library of videos featured on his site.

Fans can access links to his ‘Climbing Gold’ podcast, purchase his book, and sign up to his mailing list. There’s also a page dedicated to the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy projects worldwide, and another page promoting speaking engagements (featuring a video of his 2018 TED Talk). Finally, Alex uses Squarespace’s blogging feature to detail past press appearances.

All in all, it’s a great example of how versatile (and epic!) a Squarespace website can be.

URL: alexhonnold.com

Estimated traffic: 20k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 53

Art, Entertainment and Culture

Museum of Vancouver

squarespace website examples - museum of vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver hosts its website on Squarespace, allowing it to use a colorful website design to bring its collections to life. On the site, visitors can browse through the museum’s various exhibitions (including virtual ones), learn about its upcoming events, and even purchase tickets online. There are also learning resources, videos, and links to its online store.

Other handy features include an FAQ, gallery map, self-guided gallery activities, and a Facebook Chat button.

Overall, it’s a very well-resourced website with plenty of content to help museum visitors get the most out of their visit.

URL: museumofvancouver.ca

Estimated traffic: 6.8k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 60

The Old Market

examples of squarespace websites - the old market venue

The Old Market is a live music and performing arts venue in Brighton, England. It’s a much-loved part of the community, hosting over 200 events to over 55,000 attendees annually.

The homepage features upcoming events, using a combination of video backgrounds and full-width imagery to shine the spotlight (literally) on the performers.

Also available on the site is a full events program, a blog, image galleries, embedded videos, plus links to purchase memberships and gift vouchers.

URL: theoldmarket.com

Estimated traffic: 2.3k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 55

Nonprofit and Charity

Creative Art Works

squarespace website examples - creative art works

It’s not surprising that a nonprofit that’s focused on art and creativity would select Squarespace as its website builder. Using colorful, icon-based illustrations throughout the site, and large, bold font, Creative Art Works ensures that its mission of empowering under-resourced young people through its creative arts programs comes across clearly.

Based in New York City, the organization also helps young people a number through a youth employment program, by organizing commissioned art, and by providing remote learning resources. There’s even a form that allows visitors to donate to the organization directly through the site.

The website’s design is fun and playful, with plenty of images of its program participants having a good time – what could be a more powerful testimonial than that?

URL: creativeartworks.org

Estimated traffic: 2.5k visitors/month

Domain Rating: 32

Squarespace Website Examples: Conclusion

Using Squarespace’s eye-catching templates as a starting point, it’s possible to create a website that looks anything but a template – as clearly demonstrated by these stunning and unique examples of Squarespace websites.

Offering a combination of clever in-built features and integrations with external apps (via Squarespace Extensions), plus perhaps the most advanced blogging feature we’ve seen outside of WordPress, we’re not surprised that these sites have opted for Squarespace.

Keen to try it out for yourself? Try Squarespace for free for 14 days here.


P.S. We also have a post on Wix website examples if you are interested!

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