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You can build websites pretty easily nowadays without programming experience, thanks to drag-and-drop website builders.

But when Wix came out with Editor X in February 2020, it got a lot of buzz, despite still being in beta. What’s the deal? Well, Editor X lets you create responsive websites without having to type a single line of CSS.

What does that mean for designers or creators? You know the hassle of having to design for multiple devices. What looks good on the desktop might not work on mobile and vice versa. With Google’s switch to mobile-first indexing, you need responsive design, not just to make your website look good, but to even appear in search results.

Enter Editor X. It has the drag-and-drop functionality that the standard Wix Editor has, while letting you design for mobile and desktop. The amazing thing is, you don’t even need to know CSS. Of course, having at least a rough understanding of it is advantageous.

What is Wix Editor X?


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So what do you get with Editor X? You get the no-code drag-and-drop interface of the regular editor with a ton of responsive design capabilities, including “Grid Layouting,” based on CSS Grid, and “Text Scale,” which lets you create font sizes that are scalable. You also get “Flex Layouter,” which lets you automatically reconfigure content, and “Custom Breakpoints,” so you can customize designs to any viewport.

And all of this without CSS!

If you’re not a designer (or even if you are), you might appreciate the designer-made templates that come with Editor X. Of course, there’s also the blank page option if you want to design from scratch.

The WYSIWYG option lets you preview your designs on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones right away. If you have the developer chops, you can use Developer Mode through Wix Velo so you can implement custom code, connect APIs, and use other development tools.

But be aware: You won’t be able to switch between the regular Wix Editor and Editor X, so you’d have to choose one or the other when building each website.


Wix Editor X Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons of Wix Editor X.

Pros Cons
  • Extremely customizable
  • Great responsive features
  • Easy to preview layouts for all devices
  • Appealing designs
  • Beta version for now
  • Only available in English
  • Not a lot of templates
  • Only for advanced users

Who should use Wix Editor X

Before you get too excited, know that Editor X does have limitations. It is built for a specific audience, mainly:

  • People who have previous experience with website builders or have programming knowledge
  • Creatives or people who want a lot of design flexibility.
  • People who want to build websites from scratch

Wix Editor X pricing

Price Comment

$0 / month

Create a free site with a Wix ad. You won’t be able to use your own domain name.

$22 / month

Add your own domain with a Wix site. You’ll have 10 GB of storage.

$35 / month

Perfect for smaller professional sites that need more site and video storage.

$49 / month

The right package if you need priority support.
Business & eCommerce

$29 – $219 / month

Plan to launch an online store or use premium apps like Wix Hotels or Wix Bookings? Higher plans (VIP & Unlimited) are available too and offer extra-features like automated tax calculation, marketplaces integrations and dropshipping features.

You can use Editor X, as with all other Wix editors, with a free or premium plan. Just sign in with your Wix account and access Editor X from there.

If you don’t need a custom domain, don’t mind Wix advertising, and don’t need a lot of storage, use the free plan.

If you want to forego ads, need storage, want to use your own domain, or run an online store or use premium apps, go with one of the premium plans shown here (prices as of May 2020).

Wix Editor X Pricing


Wix Editor X in Detail

Criterion Rating Comments
Ease of use Good Relatively easy-to-use, but best for advanced users with programming knowledge or experience building websites. Starting the website is easy — just choose a blank slate or a designer template, then adjust everything on your taste. There are quite a lot of editing options, it might take some time to get familiar with them.
Wix created some helpful tutorials and guides to get started.
Choice and flexibility of design (templates) Good Editor X is very flexible, allowing you to adapt and position elements as you’d like, and allowing you to integrate fixed or fluid elements. Flexible grids let you customize the layout even better than with Wix Editor. Breakpoints let you adjust the design for different devices. You can add vector art graphics from the Wix media library, which has many nice icons and little video animations.
Minor downside: Currently there are only 20 templates you can choose from, but Wix claims there are more to come.
Advertisement-free Yes The Combo plan and higher premium plan don’t include ads.
Languages OK Only available in English currently, but they are working on updates.
Features Good Less built-in features than Wix Editor, but you can use Developer Mode to customize more with HTML/CSS.
Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net) Yes With Wix’s Combo plan, 1st year is free. After that $14.95 or higher, depending on the duration of the plan. You can get a domain directly via Wix or transfer or connect your already existing domain. The domains at Wix support SSL.
Depth of navigation Bad Editor X has only one sub-menu, the same as Wix Editor.
Apps (small tools to add extra functionality) Excellent Wix has implemented a lot of useful features and apps like Store, Blog or Members, that you can also find in Wix’s regular editor.
Monetization Yes You will be able to monetize your website (e.g. using affiliate marketing), but not through ads as there isn’t a way to integrate snippets or ad code  (e.g. for Google AdSense).
E-Commerce Good Online-store options are available via the app market, but you can only add them when you purchase one of the Business & eCommerce plans (find more information here)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Good You have a great variety of SEO and advanced SEO options. So you can e.g. change meta-descriptions or URLs. Be aware that when you upload an image its file name is changed (e.g. from ‘bike.jpg’ to c11059c6a~mv2.webp), this may be a deal-breaker if you rely heavily on image SEO.
Blog Good Add a blog with one click. There are blogging features like categories, comment section schedules posts, SEO and categories, meta-descriptions and URLs and comment sections.
Visitor statistics Good It can be used with Google Analytics (only with a paid tarif)
Contact form Yes You can add contact forms from Wix’s App Market only
Password protection Yes No integrated password protection of single pages, but exactly as with Wix’s regular editor, you can add an exclusive members-only area.
Newsletter tool Yes Wix has its own email newsletter tool called ShoutOut which you can integrate into Editor X. Proper system, but probably not as powerful as other tools.
Add HTML code Yes With Wix Editor X you can add HTML via the integrated Developer Mode, which is actually Wix Velo.
Storage space 500 MB+ This depends on the payment plan. It starts from 500 MB up to 50 GB of web storage.
Backups & Restore Yes Wix will track every change that you make to your site, so you have access to the history and can restore/ switch back to any previous version of your website.
Support Email and telephone Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of support articles on Editor X. Many functions are the same as Wix Editor though, so you can also refer to these. You can get in contact with the Customer Support team (by email and callback service), however, we had mixed experiences with their support.
Fun Factor Good Advanced users will have a lot of fun with the extended adjustment possibilities. The Media Library contains high-quality graphics that may be interesting for designers. For other users, some options might be a bit complicated.
Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 Wix Editor X is a great option when you’re looking for additional editing and customization capabilities and want to create 100% responsive websites. It’s rather more suitable for users with advanced design and programming skills though. Wix’s Editor X is a promising tool that’ll very likely unfold its full potential as soon as there is an upgrade to the final version.

Wix Editor X Alternatives

Webflow is another popular option out there. Webflow also offers a drag-and-drop editor for desktop and mobile, tons of themes, advanced SEO options, plus a fully-customizable CMS.

All these features considered, Webflow doesn’t have as good an onboarding experience and their documentation is a lot to go over. If you just want to get a website up quickly, Wix is still your best bet.

And although Squarespace doesn’t quite have their focus as much on designers, it’s still a viable alternative. Especially if you prefer ease of use over customization. Check out our Webflow vs Squarespace comparison to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Wix Editor X Review: Final thoughts

If you need a small, responsive website fast, Wix’s Editor X is a good, low-cost option. While it could use more templates, the people at Wix said they plan to add more. The flexible pricing options are affordable. Depending on your domain and hosting needs you can go higher, lower, or even free.

The risk is that Editor X is still in the beta stage, so it’s not working perfectly yet.

If you need a bigger website for your business you might want to consider a more advanced option. But if you’re just starting out, Editor X is a good choice.

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